Ovidiu Patrascu
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Introduction to Ovvy
Professional eSports FIFA player, YouTube content creator and WINNER of multiple international events.
Some of his latest international events results are below but he has been winning tournaments around the world since 2006!!
Fifa Interactive World Cup Grand Finalist
Lenovo Romanian Champion FIFA 13
Electronic Sports League Logitech Romanian Champion FIFA 13
Romanian Intel Extreme Masters Champion
Electronic Major Series European Semifinalist
Vice-champion of Europe with the Romanian National FIFA 13 Team

Ovvy’s tips
Starting with a look at how to not get frustrated and how to stay calm: I don’t usually try to frustrate my opponent, I only try to play my game and be as effective as possible. This changes if my opponent tries to frustrate me by watching the replays or by doing annoying celebrations. I just pay him back in the same way. For example, if he does to much possession and passes the ball around in his back, in the moment I get the ball and I am in advantage I make the same thing to him. Or if he leaves the maximum number of replays at a goal scored, the moment I score a goal I do absolutely the same to him

How to cope with high pressure against you
In case your opponent plays a high pressure game, you have 2 options:
– Trust your possession game and the fact that you won’t miss a pass, this is very risky and I would recommend it only to advanced player.
– Do a long over the head chipped pass to your strikers using a defender.

You can find out more about how to counter high pressure players here (click here)
Regarding types of passes you need to b playing to keep possession a mix between short sharp passes and long passes used to switch sides and surprise your opponent.

Dealing with crosses and corners
Always the best option to defend crosses is not to leave your opponent to cross, but as you already know this is not always possible and from time to time your opponent will get in a crossing position.

In order to maximize your chances of winning headers in defence I recommend using air balls for switching and always press the SHOOT button to clear the ball. Some people make the mistake to use the pass button to defend a header, or they press the shot button way to early, wait for the right moment, when you see that the ball is almost in range, and only then press the SHOOT button.

If you don’t want to get in such bad positions( defending headers) you need to try your best with the full backs to stop the opponent before he crosses. In order to do that I recommend using a lot the control pace button in order to jockey around the opponent and wait for the right moment to get the ball. More details on this feature here (click here).

Some great tips there from Ovvy, make sure you check him out using the links above. We guarantee you’ll get better at FIFA just from watching this pro player in action. He has also contributed to several areas of our guides which are available here https://fifaexpert.co.uk/buy-our-fifa-15-guides/