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Recognised widely by the FIFA community as one of the best players around, JukeZ has built up quite the reputation and his record is CRAZY GOOD!

JukeZ’s tips
Adapting on FIFA
Adaptability is key in life, but it’s also important in FIFA. The various game modes all play out differently and each of them are challenging in their own unique ways. Playing each game mode at least once definitely helps you improve as a FIFA player. Because they’re all different, you need to adapt and play to your strengths, and your weaknesses can be shadowed a bit in co-op as you’ve got somebody else to help you out. Let’s take a look at some of the best ways you can learn to adapt.

Playing offline on an easy setting where you’re winning 4-0 at least every game isn’t going to improve your online play, in fact, it will probably hinder your progress. Set the level at world class or higher (depending on your skill level to begin with) and this will help you improve your game.

One of the most fun game modes to play (if you have a friend who is decent at the game also). I’m pretty baffled why it seems to be underplayed as it is a great way to improve and adapt. It also helps to point of your weaknesses so be honest with the person you’re playing with, ask them where you struggle and this an be a great tool to improvement.

Finally, the best way, but sometimes most painful, way to improve and adapt your game. You’ll come up against different styles and ways of playing which will make you a more well-rounded player of FIFA. Around FIFA 12, FIFA was getting a bit big on YouTube. Loads of people posting game play videos and such. I noticed Ultimate Team then for the first time. I didn’t play FUT in FIFA 09, FIFA 10, FIFA 11(only like a few games, but I had no clue of the concept). I decided to give it a whirl for the first time and focus mainly on FUT while playing FIFA. It was during FUT12 that I noticed real improvement in my game. Why? I was playing lots and lots of online games.

Attacking Tips
I believe it’s all about creating gaps and exploiting them. Look for the possible gaps and attack. This can be done by skill moves, 1-2 passes(or passing in general), simply dribbling past opponents, and of course lobbed through balls/through balls. The best skill moves to use for me are body feint, running scoop turn/scoop turn and fake shot. Other good skill moves are Ronaldo chop, Berba spin and McGeady spin. Skill moves are all about timing, but it’s also important to pay attention to how your opponent’s defender is positioned. If you’re sprinting down the wings and he’s right on you, a berba spin and McGeady spin will usually get you past him. If you’re sprinting down the wings and he’s backing off a bit, a body feint will then be most effective. Scoop turn can be used in loads of situations. It’s a great skill move to do at an almost straight angle and then accelerate immediately after that(this is the running scoop turn).

Remember that when you’re sprinting and you do a fake shot, you lose momentum a bit, so be wary when you do that. For basic dribbling, it’s important to know when to utilize sprint to get acceleration to get past people. It’s great to practice in the arena with a player of your choice(I’d recommend Messi) and just use the analog stick to dribble to master it.

1-2 passes are a great way of creating space for yourself and creating gaps. I would never recommend doing with center-backs in a close game, as you’ll send them on a run. If you lose the ball, you lose 1 CB out of position, and you start scrambling. Of course this is also dependant on the formation you choose. I’ll share a little piece from my 4-1-2-1-2 guide on 1-2 passes: “The 4-1-2-1-2 is a great formation for 1-2 passes. LM/RM to CAM, back to LM/RM. CAM to striker, and back to CAM. CDM to CAM, back to CDM(be careful with this one though). RM/LM to striker, back to striker and so on.” 1-2 passes are great at combating high pressure, because of the fact that they simply create gaps. In general 1-2 passes are a bit less accurate than normal ground passes, so you have to be wary at how your player is positioned if a 1-2 passes would be appropriate there. Also for 1-2 passes, you don’t always have to return the pass right away. The simple fact that a player is sent on a run can be utilized greatly by looking for triangles from the original 1-2 pass.

Defending Tips
Defending crosses: So in FIFA 14, a lot of people like to cross a lot. Especially in competitive games and in Division 1 games. The best way to defend crosses is to cut out the supply and block incoming crosses. That’s a bit tricky to do, but if you can get a general feel of your opponent, you can tell if he’ll cross a lot or not. So when he’s running down the wing, sprint alongside him and position yourself to block the cross. If he’s slowly dribbling down the wing, jockey closely to him, but don’t get too close(so you don’t get burned) and position yourself to block the cross.

Interceptions: This is all about reading your opponent. Anticipate what he’ll do and force him to do it. When you play an opponent and he’s going on the counter, you always want him to make the pass you want him to make. So bait him into passes by pressing a bit and then releasing the pressure. People are often impatient with attacks, so when they see a bit of space, they’ll pass right away. If you’re quick enough, you can switch in time to intercept the pass. If your opponent is a direct player, anticipate the direct passes. If your opponent is a possession player, anticipate when he’ll pass backwards. It’s all about anticipating and reading your opponent.

Slide tackling: I never recommend slide tackling, because when you miss a slide tackle, your defensive shape goes awry. I would only do this as a last resort and when you’re out of options. If your opponent sprinted too much with a player and he’s going straight at you, then a slide tackle would be somewhat appropriate. If you’re defending a player sprinting down the wing and you can’t catch up to him, then try a slide tackle from the side to nick the ball away. It can be useful, but something I only recommend as a last resort. When you miss a slide tackle, gaps open up and your opponent can exploit them. Just be wary.

A great insight on how to start making improvements to your game fro JukeZ, make sure you check him out using the links above. We guarantee you’ll get better at FIFA just from watching this top, top player in action. He has also contributed to several areas of our guides which are available here https://fifaexpert.co.uk/buy-our-fifa-15-guides/