Jockeying Tips for FIFA 20
Icon Rio Ferdinand Jockeying Lionel Messi

How to Jockey on FIFA 20

Jockeying tips for FIFA 20 have to start by telling you all how it actually is performed. L2/LT will place your defender into the jockey position. In previous versions of the game the mobility of your defender would feel a little sluggish. Couple this with the agility of some of the best attackers in the game and jockeying was often overlooked for allowing the AI controlled players to take control of the defending side of the game. For FIFA 20, EA have introduced a Slow Jockey, which is performed by just holding the button we mentioned above. The Fast Jockey is done by holding the sprint button (R2/RT) as well as the L2/LT button.

When to use the Jockey

Using the jockey is more beneficial in more areas of the field this year, particularly because of the extra mobility that the Fast Jockey will bring in FIFA 20. Use the Fast Jockey when you are looking to make up a bit of ground or when you are predicting that the opposition human controlled player is going to attack space, usually out wide. When you have closed the distance, this is the time to transition into the Slow Jockey.

It would also be extremely advisable to utilise the Slow Jockey over the Fast Jockey in congested areas. This will allow you to have more control over your controlled player and will increase the percentage chance of your player intercepting the ball or blocking the shot than if you weren’t holding Jockey and had chosen secondary contain instead, for example.

“Agile Jockey: A refresh of the manual Jockey system, making it more agile and responsive when defending. This mechanic will allow user-controlled defenders to better cut off passing lanes or block a shot. The goal of the new jockey system is to encourage players to use manual defending and accurately predict what their opponent will do.”

Good luck with implementing these basic jockeying tips for FIFA 20. We guarantee that if you begin to use the jockey more and more that you will get to grips with the changes to the manual defending mechanics and this will result in you winning more games of FIFA. To see our even more detailed tips with explanations and diagrams of how to use the tips in game, please click here to read more information on our premium guides and tips.