FIFA 20 manual defending
Virgil Van Dijk of Liverpool FC

Tackling on FIFA 20 is hugely more rewarding and a lot better, in terms of actually winning the ball back when you defend well. FIFA 20 manual defending is billed as a new addition and we can see why it has been. Many of the controls haven’t changed but in terms of tips and help, it has. EA stated, on their pitch notes that:

“To reward manual defending, this system also minimizes the frequency of attackers keeping possession of the ball after a successful tackle, by placing more emphasis on the strength of the defender and improving the stumbles caused by tackles.”

Jockeying will be your friend this year so if you were one of the players who were heavily reliant on using secondary contain or contain and letting the AI do the work for you, you should pay particular attention to this. We have some great tips for you in terms of the use of jockey such as the use of the agile jockey system which allows both slower and quicker paced jockeying movements so click here to access these.

FIFA 20 manual defending tips therefore consist of ensuring that your are using a combination of the standing tackle buttons to your use. Knowing when to press the standing tackle button OR holding the button down to ensure a harder, more physical tackle will be key in your success. As we mentioned, using Jockey systems will be your friend as EA announced that using the jockey system will allow user-controlled players to better intercept the ball and retain possession of the ball so the introduction of manual defending will hopefully be a huge, huge improvement to the overall defending capabilities on FIFA 20.

Remember to keep checking back to the site to see even more tips throughout the year and if you want our premium tips with diagrams and explanations of how to implement the help into the game, then visit or guides page to access these best tips for FIFA 20.