FIFA 20 manual defending
VVD of Liverpool

FIFA 20 defending tips will cover every area of the defensive side of the game. By using these free guides and tutorials, it will help you to tackle and regain possession of the ball more times than not, teach you all the defensive controls you’ll need to stop conceding as many goals, defend crosses, defend corners, use your GK and defend against skill moves.

The following categories will all be addressed in our Defending Tips section of the site with, as ever, our premium tips being available to download at small cost over on our Guides page of the site.

FIFA 20 Defending Tips Sections:

  • Defending Crosses Tips;
  • Defending Corners Tips
  • Jockeying Tips;
  • Tackling Tips;
  • Defending Versus Skill Moves Tips;
  • Important Defensive Controls Tips;
  • Using your GK Tips.

Each of the above areas will be/are all clickable links that will jump you straight to that section of the site where you can build your skills and learn all of our best free tips to get you going on FIFA 20. Please keep checking back to keep updated with our latest tips and tricks on the new game.