Defending Skill Moves is something that you will have to learn on FIFA 20 if you are to have any form of success at all. There are a whole host of skills in FIFA 20. Some will use a vast array of these whereas others will only use one or two which are the most effective.

The key to defending skill moves is patience and anticipation. You’ll get used to seeing when players get into the same area of the field, they start to look for their ‘go-to’ skill move. Usual areas include: wide areas, around the edge of the box, when running into the box from wide areas.

The Tips

You can’t perform a skill move whilst sprinting with a player so if a player slows down noticeably on the screen then hold off (usually 5 metres or so) from the opposition player and wait to see which trick they are looking to use. If you hold this position then you are far more likely to win the ball back rather than charging towards the ball and flying into a tackle. As we said…..PATIENCE!

Jockeying is your friend when defending skill moves, particularly because of the increased agility that your player will have since EA changed the jockeying mechanic. Don’t forget to use the sprinting jockey buttons to enable you to keep pace with tricky wingers like Raheem Sterling and Jadon Sancho.

Another great tip is to learn the database of players that you’re facing. If you know there is only a handful of 3 star skillers that you are facing, you ca already chalk off a lot of the potential skill moves that you are likely to face AND your opponent probably doesn’t use skills that much if they haven’t bothered to get anyone into their starting line up who possess high skill move stars.

These are our basic defending tricks to help you stop conceding and losing as many games of FIFA 20. To get our more advanced tips, then please visit our guides page here.