Defending Corners FIFA 20

Defending Corners on FIFA 20 is always a tricky thing to do, particularly online, where players quickly become accustomed to exploiting META’s in the game and abusing overpowered mechanics.

Defending Corners Tips

The first tip we offer hear is to react quickly. To really be able to defend corners effectively on the new game, you have to switched on as soon as you recognise you’ve conceded a corner get ready to select a defender who you trust to able to compete and likely be able to head the ball away from danger. This leads onto the second tip: make sure you use the right stick to select, ideally, one of the centre backs in your team OR a ST if you have someone who is strong, physical and good at jumping in your line up.

Once you have the player selected, move them into the near post area around the edge of the 6 yard box as this is where an awful lot of opposition players will look to deliver the ball and try to flick it in at the near post. If the ball is crossed over this player then your auto switch settings will then select the next best player to attempt to defend the cross.

When defending corners, this won’t be the only method that opposition will use to try and outwit you. Because you can select specific players in the box to try and cross to (many use this if they have very strong aerial threats to try and cross to) then this next tip is crucial. Use the player name boxes at the bottom of the screen to see which player they are controlling in the box and then flick the right stick to select a strong defender (as you did before) and track the runner to make sure they don’t get a free header on goal.

Of course, as with all the free tips on the site, these are quite basic and will help you to improve but if you want to improve even further then you have to be considering our premium tips available to buy and download through the site on game release here.