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Defend against quick passing - Fifa Expert

Defending on FIFA 20 isn’t easy and it was something that a lot of players struggled with when the game first game out. Learn how to defend against quick passing on FIFA 20 by reading these tips below.

Switching is key

It is crucial to your success that you don’t just rely on pressing L1/LB to move your players. You need to get into the habit of using the right stick to switch players because if you don’t utilise this, there’s no way that using the in built mechanic player switching settings will allow you to keep pace with the movement of the ball, particularly against the higher level of player that you face in game modes such as FUT Champions. Without defending this way, there is no way you’ll be able to defend against quick passing styles on FIFA 20.

Have responsive players in your team

By having players with high agility and high balance statistics, this is going to mean that when you are switching to them and they are reacting to the quick passing movements, you’re going to feel like you’ve got full control over these players and they aren’t turning like tugboats!

Analyse and assess

What we mean by this is be observant when you’re defending. Look for patterns of play when you are defending. Look what types of passes the opposition looks to play. Are they attacking through the centre? Are they using the wide players playing with width and pace? By achieving this, you’ll be able to read the game much better and therefore, will be far more likely to be able to intercept the ball and regain possession.

So, there you have our FIFA 20 tips to defend against quick passing. If you would like more varied and in depth tips, then our gameplay guide is going to help you get even better at the game you love.