With New skill moves it is always important that we remind you that the input of the skill moves is always relative to which way the player is facing on your screen. In FIFA 20, when you perform a skill move, if you practice this in the arena, the input of the controls will be different in game as you play left to right in a game, rather than up and backwards in the arena.

How to perform the new skill moves

Now, the new skill moves for FIFA 20. These are listed below and are all very helpful with slight adaptations on some of the FIFA 19 skills. Remember also about the fact that chaining skill moves in FIFA will now result in the player losing more and more control over the ball as he advances forwards. All the other skills including some tips on which are the most effective and easy to use are featured here.

Lateral Heel To Heel (3 STAR)
L1/LB + Right stick left then right (vice versa)
Flair Roulette (4 STAR)L1/LB + Right stick 180 degree
movement of desired turn angle
Dragback Sombrero
(5 STAR)
R1/RB + Left stick opposite direction facing
then press right stick in (R3)as player
perorms the dragback (timing is key)
Body Feint Exit (3 STAR)Right stick movement through 180 degrees
to either side of the player.
Heel Chop Turn (4 STAR)L2/LT and fake shot/fake pass with 45
degree angle of desired chop then in 180
degree opposite press left stick to turn out
Drag To Drag (4 STAR)Perform fake shot whilst holding L2/LT and
letting go of left stick

Remember that not all these skill moves will be overly effective in the new game of FIFA 20 but if you keep a close eye on our page or look into buying our Gameplay Guide, in this area of the site, we’ll have this section of dribbling and skill moves covered in huge detail.