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Important Attacking Controls in FIFA 20: Learn all the buttons you'll need

Important attacking controls in FIFA 20, you would think, are usually entered around shooting, passing, dribbling and tackling. Whilst this is the case as these are clearly the fundamentals of the game, there are certain attacking controls that many new players to the game, as well as experienced players, simply don’t know. It can contribute to you picking up that extra 1% gain which we talk about in our FIFA 20 guides.

Passing controls tips

The driven pass is one of the most crucial passes that you need to have in your game. This helps you to zip the ball around quickly and helps to overcome a high press.

If an opponent is adopting the high press, then the driven through ball, down the channels is also another hugely effective pass that you need to know how to use properly.

Shooting controls tips

Shooting has many different button combinations but the two most effective are the finesse shot (particularly if your player has the finesse shot trait) and the dinked lob shot when you are close to the goalkeeper.

When taking penalties and free kicks, be sure to use timed finishing as this adds extra accuracy and power to the shots that you are hitting.

Dribbling controls tips

The 2 most effective dribbling controls, this year are the right stick knock on touch to make your player run at the fastest speed possible, as quickly as possible. The next is useful to create space in the midfield and slow your play down and this is performed by holding L1/LB. Hold this down and your player slows right down which enables you to take the pace and frantic style of play out of the game. Also a great way to save energy of your players and get the opposition chasing the ball and tiring them out.

Here you have the basic FIFA 20 controls for the attacking side of the game that will help you to win more games of FIFA. If you would like more advanced controls and button combinations then please see more information on our FIFA 20 guides here.