Keeping possession on FIFA 20 and understanding how to build up play from the back is essential if you are to succeed in the new game. Build up play tips feature: how to use your goalkeeper well, settings that will help on custom tactics and how to put the tips into practice.

The Tips

Using your goalkeeper to build out from the back is key and many of the better goalkeepers on the game will have better passing stats than you might think. Think Ederson and Allison for two prime examples. Be confident when using them and always try to play towards their stronger foot to make sure they can keep the ball moving quickly, especially if your opponent is using a high pressing game. Another good tip to use with your goalkeeper is to utilise the use of L2/LT and L1/LB buttons to ensure better control of the ball when you play back to them.

In terms of tactics, you want to use these in line with your build up play tips to ensure that players are positioning themselves where they need to be in order to create the most space. Have your players spread the width (to make the gaps to close down for your opponents bigger) and also make sure that, if you are splitting CB’s that you have a CDM that can drop between the CB’s to help you play out from the back and progress the ball into the middle section of the field with more success and care.

A key tip is to move the ball quick and precisely as well as mixing up the patters of play you’re using. If you’re too predictable, the opposition will get used to spotting the way you play out and counter this with a press. This is a dangerous position to be putting yourself in. For more tips in this area including several patterns of play with diagrams to help, see our guides area of the site.