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Tips on how to attack against drop back tactics on FIFA 20

FIFA always has META tactics. This year, for FIFA 20, it has been drop back tactics. We are going to help you with how to attack against drop back tactics.

The tips

The key to breaking down players who just want to sit back and defend using drop back tactics is patience. Without patience and slow build up play you’re really going to struggle to break a team like this down. This tip is crucial to adhere to because if you try and force the play then you are playing into your opponents hands.

There are different types of passes that will be very effective to help break down these drop back tactics:

  • Driven passes – it is key that you move the ball quickly as this will help to pull the opposition team out of their shape.
  • Lobbed passes – Use these passes to switch the play as, usually, teams that adopt the drop back tactics will allow ensure that they defend narrow. By switching the play quickly, you can create 1 v 1 situations in wide areas where you can look to get in behind the drop back tactics.
  • Lobbed through balls – Depending how the opposition attack, when they get possession of the ball, they may leave lots of space (if they attack with numbers). If you use the radar and see opposition players joining the attack, presuming you have quick attackers, you can look to exploit an early lobbed through pass to get in behind the opposition defenders before they have chance to retreat into their defensive shape.

Those are the main types of passes we use but there are, of course, more detailed tips which will help you choose tactics as well as passing styles to help you attack against drop back tactics which can be found here, in our guides available to purchase today!