FUT 19 Trading tips for FIFA 19 Ultimate Team. If you want to make lots of coins to help you build better teams to compete online at the highest level, then you need to be reading these basic FUT Trading Tips.

Buying player cards for less

This may sound pretty obvious when it comes to FUT 19 Trading Tips but it is crucial to making decent profit. The primary thing to do is to pick a popular player who is going to be fairly cheap. Particular traits to look for are: speed, acceleration, strength, agility, ball control and obvious ones for position types. Defenders: strength, jumping, heading. Midfielders: passing, vision, long shots. Strikers: finishing, attack positioning, heading, strength, agility.

How to make FUT coins quickly and easily

Like any marketplace in the world, you can make the most coins on FUT by buying low and selling high. Some users can look for a quick sale so will place a player you know sells for more up for sale for a lower price. If this happens, buy the player, even if you already have one in your squad. Simply place him straight into your transfer list and make a profit. Any profit is good, especially in the early stages of the game when the market is unsettled.

Factor in EA Tax

When you are selling your card and working out your profit, remember that EA take 5% commission for each sale, so don’t leave your profit margin too small. See below for a basic guideline on where you should set your prices depending on how much you spend.

Check what you get players in packs

When you get any cards in packs, research the player or card check his or its cheapest buy now price and remember to search for the same chemistry style he has, some styles such as Hunter, Hawk, Sentinel and Shadow all come with a high premium on price. This is also worth remembering when you are trading because these chemistry styles are the most popular, players with these are much more likely to sell quicker, there are other chemistry styles that can impact a player’s price but you will get a feel for what is selling and what isn’t once you start trading.

So there you have a start to our FUT Trading Tips secrets. We can make millions of coins per FIFA but what we usually do is spend the first month doing so, then after we’ve built a couple of million coins we’ll slow down and just look to trade in high end players.

We have a huge section of FUT Trading Tips available in our FIFA 19 Game Modes Guide which, features trading tips of our own AND a full guide from one of the world’s best traders on Ultimate Team for the past 5 years. It takes you from a small pot of coins all the way to making millions.

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