FIFA 19 tackling tips: Use these various tips and tricks to help you stop conceding as many goals and, ultimately, get better at defending on the game.

Learn how to slide tackle better and how to use the standing tackle.


The strong tackle for FIFA 19 can be accessed and put into motion by holding the tackle/push and pull button down for longer. Previously, it wouldn’t matter, in the tackle whether you held the button down or just tapped it. Now, the longer you hold the button, the more physically your player will attempt to win the ball. Be warned, however, if you hold the button longer and miss the tackle, it will mean that your player takes slightly longer to recover.

It’s really important that you use the strong tackle, if you just tap the button your player will tackle the ball but unlikely win the duel and the opposition will just continue to have possession of the ball.

Slide tackle
Make sure you use the double tap feature if you’re committing to a slide tackle. This makes your player jump up quicker if you fail to win the ball, leaving you less exposed.

Use these FIFA 19 tackling tips to help you win the ball back quicker.

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