FIFA 19 defending tips will cover all areas of the game for you to improve your FIFA 19 skills.

Defending on the new game can be a tricky thing to get the hang of so here are some basic FIFA 19 tips to get you started and then you can click the links on the pages below to help get you mastering the art of defending on FIFA 19.

The fundamentals of defending on FIFA 19 haven’t changed, which is great news if you were good at it in the first place.  If you weren’t then this is where you need to be.  We have you covered from the basics to the more complex workings of the mechanics behind defending on FIFA 19.

The basic tips

You should never be using the contain button.  No matter what you have read, what you have watched on YouTube.  If you use the contain button, then you’re only setting yourself up for a fail and making things easy for the opposition.

Diagonal Jockey

Get used to using L2/LT to jockey and when players are around your box and the threat of scoring is higher, then jockey backwards and diagonal to your goal to stop the path to goal.

Tracking runs

Absolutely one of the basics of defending you need to have ‘nailed’.  Use the right stick to switch to players where you think the opponent is looking to play the ball and switch early to start tracking that run.  Try to select the man you want to defend before the pass is made, if you don’t then it’s going to be near impossible to track the run and prevent a good chance being made by your opposition.

Click the links below to get to more FIFA 19 defending tips pages:

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