New to our FIFA 19 Timed Finishing Tips.

EA introduced this to increase the skill gap between players and we think it’s a great new mechanic. This is optional and can be turned off and on in the settings but we highly recommend you keep this setting on.

Here’s how timed finishing works:

– You power your shot up as you have done in previous versions of the game.
– As your player is about to strike the ball, you tap the button to time the shot.

What are the benefits of using the FIFA 19 Timed Finishing Tips ?
If you get used to these tips and become great at timing this you’ll have more powerful, more accurate shots on goal. This obviously means that you’ll have a higher % chance of scoring your chance/shot.

Only use, to start with, when the ball is coming onto your player
This tip, simply means that to start with, you shouldn’t try to shoot this way when you’re dribbling the ball. The regular shot will work just fine this way, then, as you become used to the mechanic, you can start to use this as well.

Be late, not early
By this we mean on the timing, if it’s late, it just counts as a regular shot, like in FIFA 18.

For our 4 page, in depth guide on Timed Finishing Tips, where we talk about the mechanics of the new feature you can buy our FIFA 19 Gameplay Guide which is available on our guides page here.