FIFA 18 Shooting Tips

Use these FIFA 19 shooting tips to help you score more goals and win more games of FUT, Seasons, Career mode and Pro clubs.

Shooting, on FIFA 19, is an art form and let’s face it, without scoring goals, you can’t win games.

The following FIFA 19 shooting tips will get you winning games for sure:

Don’t try to score ‘worldies’ each time
It’s very rewarding scoring great goals but it’s not going to be something you can do every game. Be patient, wait for the best moment where your player isn’t under huge pressure and then take your shot.

Come off the sprint button
Shooting with the sprint button held reduces the accuracy of your strike so unless you’re going to need a lot of power, from close range or from far away then try to come off the sprint button and you’ll have more chance of success.

Don’t try the impossible angle
Shooting in FIFA 19 is tricky to get the hang of, taking shots from silly angles may get you a rebound but it’s very unlikely that you’ll trouble the goalscorer by shooting from crazy angles.

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