Crossing Tips and Tricks for FIFA 19. Learn about all the different types of crosses including: dangerous, lobbed, searching and whipped.  These Crossing Tips are all brand new for FIFA 19 and will be arriving below very shortly.

We recommend having your crossing assistance set to Semi assisted.

Normal cross
Still performed by holding your crossing/lobbed pass button. EA have this year changed the flight of the ball so there is more whip and faster paced than last year.

High cross
Performed by holding the L1/LB button whilst performing the cross. Replaced the early cross from last year and best used in-game when you have a tall man at the far post and you already have a box full of players. If you have players with high jumping stats this also gives them chance to jump over other players in the box.

Low cross
This can be performed two ways. Firstly, by holding the driven pass button and the cross button. Secondly, the double tap on the cross button (replaced the triple from last year). Best used when a player is coming onto the ball and there is space to get the ball to your player in the box, on the ground. We prefer the driven cross method at the moment rather than the double tap.

Early cross
Used to be performed by pressing the L1/LB button. This year you use the left stick to aim towards the box and then just use the cross button. Great to play the ball into open space when nobody is in the area yet.

To get successful crosses you have to be precise on the left stick, hence why we advised you to use semi assisted settings for crossing.

Use these FIFA 19 Crossing Tips and Tricks to help score more goals from crosses. These are just the very basic tips but we have even more with diagrams and expert tips from top 100 FUT Champions players in our FIFA 19 Gameplay Guide.

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