Ultimate Team on FIFA 17 saw TWO, yes two new FUT game modes for Ultimate Team 17 and are in place for FIFA 18 as well.

Lets jump straight in and talk about SQUAD BUILDING CHALLENGES

Firstly, lets explain what this is exactly. EA will update, throughout the year, these squad building challenges. Completing individual challenges will earn you rewards such as players or packs. Completing groups of these individual challenges (20/20) will the earn you special items like special player cards.

These group challenges will obviously be time consuming to complete AND won’t come without a cost. You have to trade in players to complete these challenges, so you’ll obviously lose these players from within your club so make sure you’re careful selecting who to use for these squad building challenges.

So our tips for this new game mode in FUT:

– Don’t discard or quick sell players from packs;
– Try to pick up bargain players and store them in your club for the challenges;
– Use the cheapest option from your club when filling these squads (you’ll lose them once you submit);
– Focus on completing groups for higher, more valuable rewards;
– Use the companion app to squad build on the go as some challenges will be time limited.


FUT Champions is the second new FUT game mode and is something we’re incredibly excited about. If you consider yourself to be a high quality player, then this is the place to really test yourself as all the world’s best FUT players will be gathered here.


You’ll need to enter daily tournaments to try and earn your way into the elusive WEEKEND LEAGUE. Once (if you manage to do so) you make it to the weekend league you’ll then be able to play up to 40 games to try and earn as many points as possible. The more points you win, the higher tier you’ll reach by the end of the weekend. Naturally, the higher tier you end up in, the higher the rewards. From the stream, we saw, for the very top players, incredible rewards. For winning one of the regular, through the week tournaments, you’ll receive something similar to the below picture:

There’s more!!! If you consistently reach the weekend league and consistently perform well then you’ll rise up the monthly leaderboards and could end up playing for a $1.3 MILLION prize pool. Great to see EA combining FIFA with E-sports, finally.

Good Luck for FUT 17, use these tips to help you win more challenges and get into the weekend league more often.