Most important stats and ratings on FIFA 18, are one of the most talked about features of the game, especially on FUT / Ultimate Team. People often do rating predictions before the game is released but one of the first things we do, is to analyse which stats will be the most important. Having played the game at E3 and having our hands on a BETA code, we thought it would be very helpful to tell you what are the top ten, most important stats, in this years version of the game.

The list in no particular order, is as follows:

1 – Ball Control – With the introduction of the new passing with purpose mechanic, the ball physics and the improved knowledge of where the ball strikes the model of the foot, this is one of the most important stats, in FIFA 18.

2 – Dribbling – EA didn’t nurf the powerful dribbling mechanics in attack so look for high stats in this area.

3 – Strength – The push and pull technique must be mastered to reach the highest standard in online games (we go into huge detail on how to do this effectively in our purchasable guide for FIFA 18). Having strong players will help you in attack and defence.

4 – Sprint Speed – Of course, with all previous versions of FIFA, sprint speed is important, just as it is in real life!

5 – Acceleration – See above and read about the acute differences between sprint speed and acceleration in our gameplay guide.

6 – Interceptions – EA added extra intelligence this year and to counter balance the passing with purpose mechanic, this will help you to break up attacks by your opposition.

7 – Stamina – Often overlooked, this stat is one of the most crucial in FIFA 18. Have you ever thought why so many goals are conceded so late on?!?

8 – Vision – Helps to pick out the passes you want and means you have to be less accurate on the left stick. Also means that you can play better driven through passes on FIFA 18.

9 – Marking – Of course, you can’t control all the players on your team at once. Having a high stat for this, gives the AI better chance of marking the opposition runs off the ball which has been improved for FIFA 18.

10 – Balance – Linked to ball control and dribbling agility, this will be another key stat where high ratings are advisable for your players, on FIFA 18.

So, there you have it. We go into miles more detail in our guides, which you can buy from the link in the sidebar or even by visiting our guides page by clicking the picture below. We go into the more detail about the stats, which you need for each position and our SECRET TRICK about how to find the best players on FIFA 17..

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