Using Jockey FIFA 18 Tips

Use these Jockeying tips to help you get better at defending on FIFA 18. These pro tips will help you to concede less goals and hopefully lead to you winning more games of FIFA. If you can get the defending side of the game nailed then you can then begin to focus on all of our attacking tips which can be found here.

The jockey movement is your best friend in defence, remember that. Using jockey FIFA 18 is the best way to hold up attacks and make things harder for your opponent. Diving in and chasing the ball makes things far easier for the attacker.

Hold L2/LT and just try to cut off the space that the opposition is wanting to attack. Use your defenders body to shape the way you want them to play.

Another tip that many people don’t know is that you can sprint whilst jockeying. Beware though, this means that your player won’t react as quickly. When tracking down the line, this is the best method to use.

For more advanced jockeying tips that will drastically help you when it comes to defending against some of the best players on FIFA, see our gameplay guide which features our and some of our pro player friends’ best defending tips.

FIFA 18 Gameplay Tips

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