EA Sports have, once again revamped some of their defending for FIFA 18. These secondary contain tips will highlight some of the changes they made to this particular method of defending.

Previously, EA sports just allowed the player who you were telling to go secondary contain to cover a certain angle of the player with the ball and they would only get themselves positioned between the player with the ball and your own goal. This year, they have allowed the player to cover passing lanes and the AI defender is now more intelligent. This will be a very affective method of defending, as always and below you will find the secondary contain tips.

Secondary contain tips
This, combined with the jockey movement is the best way to defend on FIFA 18. Defending now takes skill, rather than people being reliant on the AI to do the defending for them (!!!) so it’s important that you’re using the right buttons and techniques.

Control a man away from the ball, where you think the play is going to go. Do this whilst you’re holding secondary contain and this will really help to cover large areas of the field.

If you just hold secondary contain without letting go of the button, the same player will just chase, and chase, and chase so you have to let go and then press the button back down to get a new man (closer to the ball if they switch the player for example) to pressure the ball.

For more tips including detailed diagrams and explanations from some of the world’s best defenders on FIFA 18 please read more in our FIFA 18 Gameplay Guide.

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