How to win headers in FIFA 18.  Use these defending tips to help stop you conceding as many goals.

Whether it’s challenging for the ball from goal kicks or winning headers in defence from crosses or corners, we’ll help you get better at defending them, using these basic tips.

What buttons to press?
A question we often get asked is: “What buttons do I need to press to win headers?”. There is no definitive correct answer here on what button do I press in terms of how to win headers on FIFA 18. There are however, a few rules you need to follow.

– If you’re in your own box, always use the shoot button to try and clear the ball. If you’re confident enough to try begin to know when you’re going to have a free headers in the box then you can start to press the pass button. We would NEVER press the through ball button in our own box.

– If you’re in front of your man when the ball is in flight, as a rule, you’ll be able to use the pass button to win the header.

– If you can change man early and anticipate the flight of the ball then you can start to use pass button more often and win more and more of your headers and, perhaps more importantly, retain possession of the ball.

For our more advanced winning headers tips then please take a look at our FIFA 18 Gameplay Guide which is available to buy now!

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