Defending against dribbling on FIFA 18 is something that is even harder than it was on FIFA 17. With the changes made by EA, players are now captured with every frame, rather than every step they take. This obviously means that defending against dribbling and skill moves is going to be even harder this year. That said, they also announced that just because the dribbling has had a big overhaul, defenders should also be more agile so make sure you read the tips below to help you defend when people are running at you with the ball.

So, defending against dribbling is one of the key skills that you will need to succeed in FIFA 18.

Jockeying is your friend when it comes to defending against dribbling so be sure to go there and check these tips on the site.

If you come up against someone who is always looking to run with the ball there are two things you need to master: cutting off the main avenue to goal by flicking the right stick to select a player that is going to be able to cut off the opponents route to goal. The second, as we said, is jockeying. This allows you to shape your defenders’ body and send players where you want them to head.

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