Learn how to defend crosses on FIFA 18 using these unique tips, written by our team of FIFA Expert’s.

EA introduced new crossing mechanics for FIFA 18 so it’s really important that you learn how to defend crosses, right now.

Keep an eye in the box
More than ever it’s crucial that you keep an eye on the opposition player runs in your box. That way, you can begin to predict what type of cross you’re going to face. For example, there’s only one player and he’s at the far post, it’s more than likely going to be a L1/LB cross which will be high and floated to the far stick.

Use the shoot button
Don’t take the risk and try using the pass button. You have to not worry about keeping possession but defending the cross, particularly with the dangerous new whip that the crosses now have. Use this tip on corners too.

For more advanced tips in defending crosses and corners please see our exclusive FIFA 18 Gameplay Guide.

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