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FIFA 18 Speed Boost Tips will help you learn how to get your attacking players, when dribbling with the ball, to their top sprint speed within the shortest possible time. ¬†There are certain tricks and ways to achieve this, not just one and some are more effective than others. ¬†Below we have a couple of the ways you can achieve a FIFA 18 Speed Boost but to see all the methods, you’ll have to buy our FIFA 18 Gameplay Guide which is full of FIFA 18 tips for every area of the game.

FIFA 18 Speed Boost #1
This method of the speed boost will help you create a yard or two to either shoot on goal or find an extra yard for a cross.

Here’s how to do it – whilst dribbling with the left stick only, move towards your opponent, when they are 5 yards away hold the sprint button and the press the right stick in the direction you wish to burst into AT THE SAME TIME. Pressing the two at the same time is the key to getting this speed boost right. This even works with the slower players who might not have the highest acceleration speeds. That’s the beauty of it.

FIFA 18 Speed Boost #2
Ball roll method.

Here is how to perform it. Perform a ball roll by holding the right stick to either side, as the animation is finishing hold the sprint button and the direction you wish to exit. Simple. Your player will receive a speed boost.

FIFA 18 Speed Boost #3
Double tap right stick.

Here is how to perform it. Once you’re in open space you have to make sure that you quickly double tap the right stick. Your player will receive a speed boost and reach their max sprint speed value within a second.

We have many more FIFA 18 speed boost tips available in our FIFA 18 Gameplay Guide. Read more by clicking the link or clicking the picture below!

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