Score more penalties on FIFA 18 by reading these top tips. Using these tips will definitely mean that you start scoring more penalties and will hopefully lead to you winning more games.

We also have tips coming up for saving penalties, which will be in our Defending Tips area of the site so feel free to check those also.

Practise on skill games
This is really important to your success. Make sure you visit the skill games and try work your way through the various stages. If you do this it will teach you a variety of skills and techniques to help you score more goals.

Practise holding different buttons on the run up
You can vary the pace of your run up by holding sprint or the back left button which will make your player move slower or quicker to the ball. This also affects the velocity of your shot on goal which can obviously make your penalty harder to save for the opposition.

Advanced tips for FIFA 18 to score more penalties on FIFA 18 are available inn our downloadable guides which can be found here.

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