FIFA 18 passing tips

Use these FIFA 18 passing and possession tips to help you keep a higher % of the ball and be more a threat in and around the opposition box. Learn about all the different types of passes that you can perform on the new game.

With the latest FIFA 18 patch, passing has become a little more complex. The varying degrees of angles that players can now perform passes has been severely affected. This is a good change and means that EA have eliminated the players who could ping pong pass the ball around without having to really think about what they were doing.

When to use the driven pass
Any pass that you play that is over 15-20 yards, you can use the driven pass, particularly if you combine this with our first touch tips which can be found in our FIFA 18 Gameplay Guide. To perform the driven pass, simply hold R2/RT when performing as pass.

The driven pass can be used to zip the ball around and squeeze balls into your players who might not have a huge space to receive the ball.

NEW SECRET TIP – The driven pass when along the opposition byline is now better than using the triple tap.

Short passing tips
Look to play short, and crisp passes in our midfield areas. This will stop the opposition being able to close down spaces and pressure you into mistakes. Look for a pattern of play that will hurt the opposition (zig zag passing, for example, is also featured in our attacking tips section of our FIFA 18 Gameplay Guide)

One-two passing
Use the L1/LB button when performing a pass to get your player to make a forward movement to play a one-two, wall pass. Don’t always use the player that you played the pass with to receive the ball back as this will become obvious and easy to intercept for the opposition. Don’t rush your passes and wait for the perfect moment to play the ball back to the runner.

Use these FIFA 18 passing and possession tips to really help you improve your game. If you want even more in depth tips for the game then see more details in our FIFA 18 guides which not only cover FIFA 18 passing and possession tips but over 600 pages on tips,, diagrams and tutorials to make you an expert player.

FIFA 18 Tips

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