FIFA 18 Dribbling Tips

Use these FIFA 18 dribbling tips to learn about all the new mechanics (and new button set ups) that you will need to move effectively around the field.  On FIFA 18, dribbling is one of the main focuses of the game and EA Sports changed a few things regarding dribbling.  Read on below to find out more.

FIFA 18 dribbling tips are split into two areas: General dribbling tips and skill move tips.

General dribbling tips

Dribbling with just the left stick is far more effective this year. Be unpredictable with your left stick movements and experiment with different patterns.

Use combinations of L1/LB and Lt/L2 to see how you can dribble and shield the ball/slow down to make you harder to tackle in possession.

Skill move tips

There are many new skill moves you can use and many are great. The one we strongly recommend that you learn is the body feint. It’s a 2* skill move and can be performed by pretty much every player on the game. There are many variations and exit routes with a body feint so make sure the lean it and master it ASAP.

For our advanced FIFA 18 dribbling which feautures diagrams, button diagrams and explanations as well as best areas of the field to use the different moves, please see our FIFA 18 Gameplay Guide.

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