FIFA 16 fans and players have been going crazy in the past week – 10 days. Various members of the community have come together and, through various forms of research, have figured out a couple of possible chemistry glitch insights to EA Sports’ most popular game mode, FUT / Ultimate Team.

It is all very complicated but here is a brief explanation of peoples’ findings. We also have our own view on this and our own thoughts/tips on what you should do when building your teams.

Neymar first day card

If you have a first day card on FUT, as people have been describing them (like the Neymar above), then these players will play as you see them on their card. You can, of course add a chemistry style of your choice to boost card details.

These players will then (presuming that they have an individual chemistry rating over the base chem of 4.9) receive a boost to their stats. These boosts aren’t clear as EA haven’t actually announced this. However, research shows that if a player has 1 green chevron they are believed to get a +2 boost in stats. 2 green chevrons means either a 3 or 4 stats boost and 3 green chevrons will mean that your player receives a 5 or 6 stat boost, this is presuming that your player is on 10 full chemistry. The way it works is extremely complex!!

Now, this is where the supposed glitch comes in. With any non-first day card, the player in question whether that be an IF, TOTS, TOTY, iMOTM or an upgraded card, chem styles are perhaps redundant. This all came about with someone realizing that these cards’ fitness, even if they showed 92 or 76 or 63 (any number basically), they would still start the game with 99 fitness. So, people decided to start seeing if a chem style or training boosts had affect. This is when all the questions started and it has been ‘proven’ that something isn’t quite right.

Just to clarify, from the research done this upgraded Neymar would not receive any boost from a hunter card or any other chem style.

He would in fact, receive a base chemistry of 4.9 no matter whether it was showing him with a perfect green link of 10 or a red link with 1 or 2 chemistry. If this is true, it’s a huge error by EA and there are a lot of unhappy people.

So comparing the two picture of the cards, if you were to apply a shooting and a pace (hunter card) or passing and pace (catalyst), then the 88 rated card would actually play better than the base card stats of 90 rated Neymar!!! Messed up, right?!?

Here are our thoughts on the matter: we tried a squad full of TOTS players and it played awfully. We lost 3 game son the trot in division 1 so we changed back to our first day card BPL team and we’ve won 7 in a row. Who can say whether this is because of the chemistry glitch on FIFA 16 or not….who knows but we know which we prefer playing with! It’s a lot cheaper than spending lots of money on FIFA points and packs too!

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