Ever wondered how to win headers on FIFA 17? Ever think to yourself: “How is this player winning all his headers?” Well, wonder know more with these defensive heading tips. EA place a lot of emphasis every year to the attacking side of the game so it’s crucial that you up your defensive skills each and every year and if you win headers on FIFA 17, then you’ll be on the right path to success.

Crosses are very effective this year, on FIFA 17 so it’s crucial that you read the following tips to make sure you’re not conceding as many goals.

So, to improve this area of your game?

Use the shoot button to head in your own box every time
This is THE most important tip for defending headers in FIFA 17. By using the shoot button your player will attack the ball more aggressively than just using the pass button. This will therefore stop you getting pushed/nudged off the ball by an attacker when they are trying to head the ball. What it may result in, is heading the ball less accurately into touch or back to the opposition but that is better than conceding a goal, right?

Attack the ball
It is of utmost importance that you move your player TOWARDS the ball and that will stop opposition players getting in front of your player who is attempting to win the header.

The best method to do this is to fully power up your header and then tap several times very quickly. Do this, coupled with moving towards the ball and then directing the header out of the box and we promise you will start to win the vast majority of aerial duels in your box.

Use these simple but effective FIFA 17 tips to stop conceding as many goals. If you’re still struggling with this part of the game then see our exclusive gameplay guide which will help you out in EVERY area of the defensive side of the game and offers all of our premium tips. For more information on our guides for FIFA 17 which features over 500 pages of the very best tips, click here or on the picture below.

FIFA 17 gameplay tips


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