The absolute best way / method to defend on FIFA 17, is the jockey. Use the following tips to help you stop dangerous players and help you win more games. Jockey defending tips can be found below.

Why the Jockey?
Jockeying gives you the most amount of control, in defence. By using these jockey defending tips you’ll get the movement required that will mean you can determine if you want to hold 10 yards or 5 yards or get even closer. Better still, you can sprint whilst jockeying to make it even harder for opposition players to take you on.

Don’t forget you can sprint
Even though this feature is slightly unrealistic, it’s in the game, so use it. Make sure if you’re chasing a winger down the line, for example, then hold the jockey and sprint buttons together. Be aware that your player won’t quite be able to turn AS quickly whist doing this.

Another perk of using jockey
Another reason you should be using the above two tips when defending in FIFA 17, is because when you win the ball back, your man will automatically start shielding the ball. Be aware though, before you pass make sure you release L2/LT as you’ll do a fancy pass if you’re still holding the button.

So, now you have it. You have to defend using the jockey so if you don’t already, start using it as soon as you’ve read these jockey defending tips to help get you keeping more clean sheets, stopping wingers getting crosses in and winning more games of FIFA 17.

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