How to defend crosses is something that you’ll need to learn quickly, on FIFA 17. These tips cover the very basics and will stop you conceding more goals from crosses but as always, we save our premium tips for our guides. Crossing was changed by EA on FIFA 16 and with the inclusion of the frostbite engine as well as the set piece rewrite, it isĀ even harder learning how to defend crosses this year on FIFA 17.

Meeting the cross
This may seem fairly obvious but you have to react first: use the left anolog stick to move your player TOWARDS where the cross is coming from and attack the ball by using the shoot button at all times. If you use pass button, yes you’ll be more accurate and likely to keep possession but the chances are you’ll get overpowered by the attacker.

Don’t worry about where the clearance goes
As talked about above, if you use the pass button to clear the ball you’re putting yourself at an immediate disadvantage. We recommend you ALWAYS use the shoot button UNLESS it is obvious that your player has no attacker around him to challenge for the ball.

Predicting the cross
Because of the variety of the different types of crosses you will now face it’s important that you try to start predicting what type of cross your opponent prefers. This isn’t easy but will come with more games you play.
For example, if there is a player making a run to the near post you know that the ball is most likely going to be delivered there with speed so you need to start moving a player towards that area to mark the man and make sure they don’t get an easy header/shot on goal. This can be achieved by using both the radar and the screen (depending on your camera angle).

These FIFA 17 defending crosses tips will help you out but for our more advanced defending tips, complete with detailed diagrams, then please read below:

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