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Defending against skill moves, on FIFA 17, is something that is tricky to do and as more and more players learn skill moves you must make sure you get to grips with these tips to ensure you aren’t conceding lots of goals.

Read on below to see our basic tips that will help you defend against skill.

Jockey or contain
You don’t have to use the jockey or contain buttons but we do advise that you do. The main message that we want to get across to you is that you remain patient and tracking the attackers run is perfectly fine whether you want to use jockey or not. Jockeying is the best option for the following reasons:
– The jockey button will place your defenders into a side on, defensive position which is optimum to win the ball back.
– You can sprint whilst in this jockey position.

Try to keep a 3-5 yard distance (relative to the pitch dimensions of course) between the goal and the attacker.

Don’t dive in
Very much working in conjunction with the above tip, the worst thing you can do is dive into tackles and try to crunch skillers. You’ll most likely give a foul away or be left for dead by the attacker.

Force to pass
If you have a player who is comfortable with doing skill moves and running with the ball then you want to try and get these types of players to pass the ball (they won’t be as good at that). By using the above tips, you’ll get the player doing things that they don’t normally do on FIFA 17.

Hopefully these basic FIFA 17 defending against skill tips will help to improve your defensive game. If you’re wanting more advanced defending tips complete with detailed diagrams then please read on below…

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