How do I defend corners FIFA 17, is a question we get asked all the time. ¬†It’s important to be able to defend corners on FIFA 17, especially after the changes that EA sports made to set pieces this year. ¬†People have used this to their advantage and it is now extremely hard to defend corners FIFA 17.

Controller Settings
Our best tip regarding defending set pieces is to make sure we have the auto switching setting to air balls. You’ll see hundreds of videos all over YouTube saying this so this is no big secret. We have a specific method in the way we defend corners which is fully explained with diagrams and button explanations in our Gameplay Guide.

The goalkeeper
If you have a tall, commanding GK then there is nothing wrong with getting your GK to come and claim the ball. Hold the rush the GK out button before the kick is taken to get your GK on the move straight away. If you can tell the ball is going to the edge of the box then obviously let go of the button and defend how you normally would.

Use the shoot button to head
You have to attack the ball using your shoot button, using the pass is too risky and you’ll end up losing a lot of the aerial duels.

Look to attack
Look to attack from defending a corner. If you win the ball, many people won’t be ready to defend straight away. Especially if you win the ball with your GK. Get a driven throw performed and get on the counter attack straight away.

Use these defending corners set pieces to help you stop conceding goals on FIFA 17.

For our more advanced defending tips you can see more information on our guides for FIFA 17 here.

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