These FIFA 17 tips to win headers, in the attacking side of the game. We can help to get you winning more aerial duels and scoring more headers from crosses, set pieces and corners.

To win the headers
The real key to winning headers is timing, especially if you’re heading for goal. The other key thing, is trying to get in front of the defender.

The buttons
After crossing a ball, just pressing the shoot button isn’t enough to get you a goal, that would be too easy. There are several different button methods that we have seen lot of YouTubers saying is the best method but we have found the best combination possible and we score an awful lot of headers.

The movement of your players when trying to win attacking headers is crucial to your success. You must move your left analog in front of the defender right up until the very last moment.

Use these very basic FIFA 17 tips to start winning more headers but for our most advanced tips then go ahead and look into picking up our Gameplay guide.

All the best in scoring more goals from headers on FIFA 17.