Use these FIFA 17 corners tips to fully understand the best ways to score more goals from set pieces.  They were completely re-written for FIFA 17 so please be sure to fully understand all the FIFA 17 corners tips we mention below and good luck!

Be quick
The more time you take you decide what you do, the more the opponent will have time to do what they like to do to defensively prepare for defending a corner. By being quick, you’ll hopefully catch them off guard.

With corners having a revamp for FIFA 17, it’s important that you put the time in practising all variations, to see what works best for you. The best places to practise, primarily are skill games, the arena and offline games on a low difficulty setting. Then you can take your experiments into online games in a more competitive scenario.

Press L3
If you are still having difficulty with the new system and it just isn’t for you, then you can press the left analog stick in and this will revert you to the old view.

Left stick controls
Hold up whilst taking the kick to add topspin
Hold right to add curve to the right
Gold left to add curve to the left

Obviously you can hold diagonally up to add a bit off both and you can tailor these to left or right footed takers.

For more advanced corners tips featuring diagrams and more in depth tips you can purchase out FIFA 17 Gameplay Guide which features tips from the world’s best players with thousands of hours of experience.

FIFA 17 gameplay tips

These basic tips will help you score more goals from corners but the advanced tips, that are available in the guide above, will really make you a threat in numerous ways for FIFA 17.