FIFA 17 Shooting Tips

Use these FIFA 17 shooting tips and finishing guide to get you scoring more goals. We’ll teach you how to score long shots, driven shots, lobs / chips, and 1 v 1’s. Scoring and taking your chances is extremely important in FIFA 17 and particularly in the FUT Champions game mode so use the following FIFA 17 shooting tips to get you scoring more goals of a wider variety.

What to traits to look for in a striker
• Finishing
• Shot Power
• Long Shots
• Volleys
• Reactions
• Ball Control
• Heading Power and Acuuracy (jumping too)

The following traits are useful:
• Long Shot Taker
• Finesse Shot
• Power Free-Kick
• Power Header
• Flair

When to shoot

Generally you’ll want to get into a position that:
• Has no pressure from opposition and ideally, facing the goals;
• Isn’t too far out (the edge of the box is fine, but halfway line stuff is rarely ever worth it);
• Has you facing the opposition’s goal;
• A decent angle to shoot from.

How to shoot
Once you’re in a good spot, taking into account the above bullet points, you can take your shot.

Don’t hold the button down too much or you’ll sky it.
Hold the left analog stick up or down slightly while shooting to change the shot’s direction. Hold up on the left analog stick to add topspin to your shot, this will help keep more powerful shots down.

Remember – every player is different. Some will keep shots low even when you’ve held the button for a while.

Driven shots
You can now ensure that your shots stay low to the ground, when shooting for goal. Just simply add a tap after you have powered up your shot and this will keep it low to the ground. Be careful not to expect you to just be able to double tap the ball and expect a power strike to go in. If you want more power, then power up the shot as normal but then tap before the ball is struck.

Low finesse shots are extremely useful so far, after the latest patch released by EA.

So, there you have our FIFA 17 shooting tips. These are the very basic covered and if you’re wanting ore advanced tips, like how to finish 1 v 1’s or scoring more long shots, then see our gameplay guide for FIFA 17 here.

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