Passing on FIFA 17 is brilliant: learn these FIFA 17 passing tips to get you on the path to becoming a pass master.

Possession Play
It’s vital to keep the ball well on FIFA 17. With the new passing mechanics being introduced every year, there’s even more emphasis being placed on passing and build up play.

Be sure to look for the open man, don’t over complicate things and try to have players in your squad who have good passing stats to keep you keep better possession.

Be patient
Although you can quickly pass the ball and counter attack effectively, it’s really key that you remain patient in your build up.

One of our great pieces of advise when it comes to FIFA 17 passing tips is to work the ball sideways, backwards as well as forwards to keep your play hard to read. Look for short, sharp passing to frustrate your opponent and create gaps for you to exploit.

Using strong passing players
Try utilising the strong passing players in your squad. By focusing your play through these players, you’ll have better pass accuracy and more fizz and speed to your play.

Not only this, the controlling player will be much more likely to get into a scoring or better passing position following this pass.

Think ahead
The runs on FIFA 17, that the AI players make is much better and more advanced. This makes it even more crucial that you think ahead and work the ball into dangerous areas. Players will stop making runs if they see the ball isn’t coming so you’ll only have a small window of opportunity to pass the ball so this is why it’s vital to think ahead.

That is a very brief look at FIFA 17 passing tips, if you want more advanced tips with diagrams and tips for counter attacking, driven passes, 1-2 passing, threaded through balls and more, then see our FIFA 17 Guides for more help.

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