Penalty kicks have changed on FIFA 17 and here are our top tips to score penalties. ¬†We can help get you scoring more than you miss! You’ll find out here, how to take and score penalties on FIFA 17 and how to score more of them, more consistently.

What has changed with penalties?
The power bar with the green area in the middle, that you used to have to aim for, is now gone and you shoot as you would if you were presented with a chance in game, using the left analog stick. The right stick can now be used to alter the angle of your penalty taker behind the ball so you can even take penalties now with the outside of your foot. The camera angle is still very much the same as FIFA 16 and those that have come before it.

How do I actually take the penalty?
The fundamentals behind to score penalties are as we have briefly mentioned above. You’ll have to power the shot up as you would with other shots around the pitch. At the moment EA have got an arrow which indicates where you’re aiming but it is still down to you to power up the penalty.

You can alter your run up with the right stick and then you start your run up by holding forward in the direction you want to aim. Make sure you practise these in the arena or the skill games before you get into any games.

Finesse penalties
Finesse shots are our preference behind scoring penalties as we write these tips. We like to aim low, as many people like to dive to the to corners.

So, there you have the very basics of how to take the new style penalties on FIFA 17. If you want our more advanced tips for penalties for both scoring and saving, then you should invest in our gameplay guide. Read more information on the guide here.

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