FIFA 17 crossing tips: This guide will help you find your teammates more often from numerous angles and make you a real threat from wide areas of the pitch.

These are the very basics for crossing:

– Press the cross button once and power up to determine where the ball goes;
– Double tap the button will generally send the ball into the near post runner;
– Triple tap the buttons very quickly and this will fire the ball in along the floor;
– Press L1/LB down when you’re outside the crossing zone to deliver an early cross (player must have early crossing trait to perform this).

As we mentioned above, these FIFA 17 crossing tips mean that you have to follow these rules: the power bar does still affect where the ball ends up. Tap the cross button and the cross will be tapped into the area with very little power and if you hold too long, it’s likely that will end up flying over the players and out on the far side. The ball mechanics now are slightly different with the inclusion of the Frostbite engine so experiment and get a feel for crossing as soon as you can.

Player stats
Know your player stats, the higher the stat, for crossing the more likely it is that you’ll find your man in the box. Simple but very true.

Know who is in the box
As with above, knowing your players and knowing who is in the box is important. If you see your stronger header of the ball move to the far post, aim there!

Crossing angles and player positioning
Very important to remember this one: you have to be off the sprint button and at a slight angle to goal is optimum. Don’t cross if your player isn’t positioned to do so, it will be a waste of time!

Try to cross on their stronger foot, also.

This is extremely important to learning the mechanics of crossing. There’s no point just trying the same method over and over again, even if it does work occasionally. Try to play skill games to learn the best scenarios for different types of crosses.

Use these FIFA 17 Crossing Tips to help you score more goals. If you want more detailed tips, then click the picture of our brand new guide for FIFA 17, below.

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