Where to find Noto!

Introduction to Noto
Hello everyone, as many of you probably know, I’m Notorious from the KickTV Invitational tournament. I used to be a pro player in the NHL series, but then I switched to the FIFA series. You might be surprised, but I only started playing FIFA this year (yes, in September 2013) and I would already consider myself as a top/competitive player in FIFA.

I beat the 2012 Challenge Series winner (Adam Winster) who won $167,000 in NYC (I was at the same event, except I played NHL) the score was 2-0 and he had 0 shots. The match is on YouTube if anyone wants to see it, the link is above. I’ll also later explain what helped me with the transition from the NHL series to the FIFA series.

Noto’s tips
This is going to be a general short and simple guide of things you should do, things you shouldn’t do in FIFA, and possibly get better at the game. In the end, it’s ultimately up to you and your skill. Don’t expect anything crazy from this guide, just simple tips (that maybe you haven’t realized). A list of things which I think matter the most, in my opinion is: reactions, creativity, reading the play, skill, and vision (not in specific order) and not what team you have (though this is obviousy important).

Simple Rules:
– NEVER depend on LUCK
If you’re one of those kids who run down the wings or only spam through balls all the time, you might get lucky here and there, but when you actually play against someone who is legitmately good at the game, you’ll most likely get shut down, and crushed.

– NEVER force anything
Always pass to the open player…. very simple. Never force passes to players who aren’t open, never force through balls if you don’t think there’s a decent chance your player will receive the pass…. always make passes that make sense.

– Don’t be afraid to back pass
I’ve never understood why this is “frowned upon”… there’s nothing wrong with back passing, if there’s nothing available up front, why would you force a pass and end up losing possession and most likely get countered on?

If your opponent knows what you’re going to do, then it’s going to be a lot easier for your opponent to defend against you. Always try to surprise your opponent.

– ALWAYS try to play against the best of the best
If you want to get a lot better, go on websites like Gamersaloon or World Gaming and play against competitive FIFA players, you will quickly learn what’s effective in this game and you’ll also end up a better player over time.

Some really good tips there from Noto, make sure you check him out using the links above. We guarantee you’ll get better at FIFA just from chatting to and watching him play. He has also contributed to several areas of our guides which are available here