Jockeying on FIFA 16 is a very important part of defending. Read our basic tips below to get to grips with this method of defending as quickly as possible.

Benefits of jockeying
The best thing about using the jockey function is it gives you the ability to place your defender in a side on position which is coached at all levels to all abilities of defenders. By taking this stance you can force the opposition into areas of the pitch which aren’t as threatening to your goal. For example into wider areas or even back towards their own goal.

Don’t forget you can sprint
EA Sports have given the ability (which we disagree with slightly) to be able to sprint whilst holding down the jockey button. This, for us, is slightly unrealistic. Anyone who has played the game to a reasonable standard will vouch for this, it is incredibly hard to do. We’re not complaining though as it makes defending easier.

Timing of the tackle after a jockey
This is probably the hardest part of the jockey. Once you are confident that the opposition has run out of speed OR ideas it is the ideal time to try and win the ball back. Keep an eye on their energy bar and if it is RED or very low then try and win the ball. If they do manage to pass you then you should be able to recover pretty quickly without too much damage. However, don’t try this too close to your own goal as it could lead to an easy chance to shoot for the opponents.

We hope you found these FIFA 16 jockeying useful and you can put them into practice and help to stop conceding as many goals on FIFA 16. For our more advanced defending tips complete with detailed diagrams then please read below.

For a full range of defending tips from our guide (which can be bought through the site), see the chapter list at the bottom of our defending tips page OR click on the picture of the guide below and it will take you to a full chapter list for the entire guide!

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