The absolute best way to go about defending crosses in FIFA 16 is explained in our purchasable FIFA 16 guide (more info below or by clicking here) but right here we give you the basics of defending crosses. Crossing was changed by EA on FIFA 16 so the ball is often played into space, rather than aiming for the man which makes crossing so much harder than in previous years.

Attack the ball
This might seem like an obvious tip but you can’t afford to be caught on your heels as a defender when a cross is coming into the box. Use the left anolog stick to move your player TOWARDS where the cross is coming from and attack the ball by using the shoot button if you want your player to head the ball further out of the box. By using the pass button you’ll gain more accuracy but won’t clear the ball as far from danger AND you also run the risk of being out-jumped easier.

Don’t worry about the direction of the clearance
As mentioned briefly above if you use the pass button to clear the ball you’re sacrificing your player not being as aggressive in their attempts to clear the danger. We recommend you ALWAYS use the shoot button UNLESS it is obvious that your player has no attacker around him to challenge for the ball.

Try to predict which type of cross is coming
There are several types of crosses which can be used as an attacking player on FIFA 16. Your job as a defender is to try and guess which type of cross it will be. For example if there is a player unmamrked at the far post you know that the ball is most likely going to be delivered to the far post so you need to start moving a player towards that area of the box to mark the man and make sure they don’t get an easy header on goal. This can be achieved by using both the radar and the screen (depending on your camera angle).

We hope you found these FIFA 16 defending crosses useful and you can put them into practice and help to stop conceding as many goals on FIFA 16. For our more advanced defending tips complete with detailed diagrams then please read below.

For a full range of defending tips from our guide (which can be bought through the site), see the chapter list at the bottom of our defending tips page OR click on the picture of the guide below and it will take you to a full chapter list for the entire guide!

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