Read how to use secondary contain and contain on FIFA 16, with our original defensive tips. EA Sports introduced the several new attacking features for FIFA 16 so make sure you get to grips with these changes right here to ensure you aren’t conceding lots of goals.

Careful in the box
As always with FIFA 16 defending you need to be extra vigilant when using any kind of tackle in the box because the referees, although they are improving every year still seem to be giving lots of soft penalties. On FIFA 12 when they introduced the impact engine if you were to win the ball first, but take the man out afterwards, a penalty was often awarded. This is improving, as we said, year by year but mistakes will still occur and will leave you feeling very frustrated and annoyed.

Using secondary contain
We use secondary contain as our PRIMARY method of defending and we recommend you do the same. We feature an extensive explanation in our FIFA 16 guide on how to use the secondary contain feature with exclusive diagrams to help you learn how to defend in the best way. We’ll give the basics here for you but for the full explanation you’ll have to click the link above.

We find that in the box, using the secondary contain button and covering space to block a shot with the man you control works brilliantly. Even if the attacker gets his shot past the player you sent to contain, if the ball is close enough the player you control will throw himself to block the shot.

Using secondary contain anywhere in your half can frustrate opponents as someone will be pressuring the ball and you can read play or sweep behind the defence with the player you control. We will talk about this technique in more detail in the coming weeks.

Using these tips and help will improve all areas of your game. Your team shape will be more organised and you’ll start getting more possession of the ball which is where you can then start building your attacks to win more games of FIFA 16. We hope you found these FIFA 16 defending/tackling tips useful and you can put them into practice and help to stop conceding as many goals on FIFA 16. For our more advanced defending tips complete with detailed diagrams then please read below.

For a full range of defending tips from our guide (which can be bought through the site), see the chapter list at the bottom of our defending tips.

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