FIFA 16 heading tips to help your score more goals from crosses and corners.

To win the headers
Before we talk about how to score more goals from headers on FIFA 16 the first thing you need to be able to do is to start winning the majority of headed duels in and around the penalty area. We started by trying to win half of our aerial duels and then gradually increase this number so you might start saying ‘I want to win 7 out of 10 attempted headers’ etc etc. We now win pretty much every aerial duel we’re involved in all over the pitch.

The buttons
After crossing a ball, just pressing the shoot button isn’t enough to get you a goal, that would be too easy. There are several different button combinations you can try but we have found the best combination possible and as we said earlier, we think we win at least 90% of our aerial duels. In our guide which you can buy you can read exactly how we win so many headers with diagrams (see below for example) designed by our very own graphic design expert.

FIFA 16 crossing tips

Movement of your strikers is key to winning headers also, moving the left stick towards the ball means you’ll be giving your player the best chance possible of winning the header. The difficult part of this is the timing of the run AND then directing the header on goal after you’ve got your head to the ball first.

Use these basic FIFA 16 heading tips to start to win more headers and if you’re interested in being stronger in the heading department, for FIFA, which is a vital part of the game, then you’ll have to make the sound investment of our purchasable guide!

Good luck in scoring more goals from headers, on FIFA 16.