Learn how to score goals from corners on, FIFA 16 with our original tips.

Be quick
In most situations it is best to try and be very quick when taking an attacking corner. Obviously, the more you take the quicker you’ll be able to automatically move the left stick where you want it quickly and power up as much as you want. This will just take practice. This process should be done within half a second. This will stop your opposition switching to who they want to control and catch them off guard.

To start with don’t move the left stick at all as it will auto be aiming into the area. You can then start to move slightly to vary the position of the kick once you get used to the technique of winning the headers. Also vary your power bar and curve to make your corners less predictable. Use the arena to practice your corner kicks if this is an area of the game you struggle to get goals from.

Left stick controls
Holding the left stick in a variety of ways will alter what type of delivery you send into the box. Cross the ball whilst aiming up (towards the direction you’re kicking the ball) on your left stick and this will add topspin to the cross and bring the ball down quicker to make it harder to defend. Hold left and right to obviously add curve to your crosses but practice where to aim so they aren’t too close to the goalkeeper or to the edge of the box where it will be incredibly tough to score a header from.

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FIFA 16 guide

This will help you to score more goals from corners on FIFA 16, we promise.