FUT 15 overpowered players tips. A list of the most OP GK’s, Defenders, Midfielder’s and Strikers on FIFA 15. Use these tips to help you get the best team. To be classed as overpowered, we believe the player has to play above what his real life ability is OR play above the stats that are given in their base player card stats.

Seydou Doumbia
This man, is an absolute tank. At 93 pace he is absolutely lightning and his finishing is seriously good. He strong so once he gets a run on the opposition back line, they’re going to have no chance of stopping him bursting through on goal. His touch and his link up is also great and with being Ivorian, he’s great to link up in hybrid teams with the likes of Yaya Toure and Wilfred Bony.

Victor Ibarbo
Let’s be honest, we all knew this was coming after FIFA 14. We expected a slight decrease because of the hype around this man, honestly, it hasn’t happened. He’s still powerful, he’s still rapid, still great in the air and his finishing is still very good. Not much more you can ask for in a ST.

Abdoulay Konko
This Serie A RB is appearing in so many teams we’re seeing and there’s a reason for this! He’s strong, really quick and can join the attack to link up play also. If you’re facing speedy LW’s there’s only maybe one or two others who will be as good at keeping with them as Konko is. Plus point is that he’s French so easily able to fit into hybrids.

Rene Adler
Adler is just one of a few choices you could use for your GK in the Bundesliga. Honestly, he plays as well as 90 rated Neuer, if not better. He’s thwarted us many times already on FIFA 15. Pick him up if you’re using a German league team, you won’t regret it.

Ashley Young
You may think we’re crazy suggesting this but Young is such a threat down the left hand side. His speed with and without the ball make him very dangerous and hard to defend against AND his crosses are extremely effective. IF you can’t afford a Hazard, this is the man to get.

Christian Benteke
Probably our favourite striker on FIFA 14 is right up there again for FIFA 15. He has, currently, 168 goals in 152 games for us with 98 assists to boot. He’s powerful, quicker than you may think and his positional sense is briliant. Pick him up above Diego Costa, you won’t regret it.

Nedum Onouha
The QPR CB is a tank. That’s all we need to say really but we’ll tell you more. He’s quick, strong as an ox and will easily fend off many of the top European strikers. He’s great in the air too and despite his defending stats only being mid-70’s, it really doesn’t show.

Nemanja Matic
Matic doesn’t really fall into the ‘overpowered’ category because he’s so good in real-life, as he’s proving this season for Chelsea. But, many people, who might not know him will see his pace stats and just turn their nose up at him straight away. Those that do, more fool them. He’s so good and intercepts everything. He’s also got a great passing range, is tall and strong and, if you play him in a 2 x CDM midfield, teams are going to struggle to penetrate, especially through the middle of the pitch.

Danny Welbeck
Cheap as chips and equally good as a ST, CF or a CAM (where we use him). His running power and quick changes of direction make him such a threat. He’s also strong in the air and hard to shrug off the ball in 1v1 situations. His finishing is far better than his stats suggest, also.