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Strengths: This is the most balanced formation in the game and gives you a little bit of everything which is obviously a plus point. This formation, for some reason wasn’t as popular at the start of FIFA 14 but once a few players saw others having huge success with it, and tutorials appeared online etc, it soon became one of the most used again. It’s strength lies in great passing options. Even on the diagram above you can see that all the pitch is covered with triangles between players.

Weaknesses: A weakness for this formation is the RM and LM in that they can be a little bypassed as the spine of your team is so strong. Having someone like Bale who is a more all-round complete wide man is definitely more beneficial so choose your wide players wisely.

Key player/position: Although there is no stand out player/position for this formation as it is so balanced we have selected the CAM. Most of your play will hinge on his positioning and his ability to play good, sharp passes.

Most suited style of play: This is one of the great things about this formation. It can be used for balanced, slow, possession play but also quick, sharp passing.

Strengths: A huge variety of attacking options with, in effect, a front 4. A very balanced formation and you’ll always find that you have good numbers of players when defending or attacking. The 2 CDM’s provide great cover and with 2 hard working full-backs you’re going to be defending with 6 players (plus your GK) which will make you extremely hard to break down. The attacking options make this a great formation for FUT.

Weaknesses: The 2 CAM’s will tend to be positioned in wider areas where they more often than not are not suited. They favour central areas which can leave a lack of wide options. If you’re someone who likes to cross the ball in lots then we would suggest avoiding this formation. If you have CDM’s with high attacking work rates this can lead to a cluster of players in the CAM position which is obviously easier to defend against.

Key player/position: The 2 CDM’s. You can break this formation down into three sections. A front 4, a back 4 and 2 holding midfield men. Obviously the 2 are down on numbers so it is pivotal that you have 2 strong players in that area of the pitch.

Most suited style of play: Medium to fast build-up play. Longer passes to get the ball into the front 4 as quick as possible as there are a lack of numbers in central areas.

4-4-2 (2)
Strengths: Probably thought of as THE classic best formation on FIFA 15, but thought of as less “fashionable” and definitely, less used formation. However, this version of the 4-4-2, we like. It is still a fairly well balanced formation and an effective one with the right squad of players. As with the 4-2-2-2 formation, the 2 ST’s obviously provide you with opportunities for the vastly dangerous 1-2 passing as well as holding the ball up in the final 3rd of the pitch. These are the key players as well as the 2 CDM’s. They make you a really hard unit to break down.

Weaknesses: A huge disadvantage of this formation and probably the reason for its decline in popularity is, without the right players with the correct work rates you can be easily overrun in the middle of the pitch. If you look at the diagram, you can see the huge gap in the CAM area. If the opposition has a deep lying playmaker such as Pirlo then they can find huge space to dictate the play which is obviously something you want to try and avoid.

Key player/position: The 2 ST’s play a key role in this formation. At times they can become a tad isolated especially with having the have 2 defensive minded midfielders or even more so, if the wide midfielders are quite conservative in their forward runs as well. Therefore, it is important they can work together to create chances for themselves as having wingers who want to join attacks like Reus or Robben, is definitely something you want to try and have with this set-up.

Most suited style of play: Possession play with medium range passing and speed of play. Long balls into ST’s can work too if played accurately and quickly from deeper areas in your own half from CDM’s with high passing stats.

Please bear in mind that these are our choices, we do like the 4-3-3’s and several other formations but we’re afraid, if you’re after this information, you’ll have to invest in our guides!

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