FIFA Р FUT 15 Bargain players of the week tips. Find out who we think could prove to be real value for money for your ultimate teams each and every week.

Week 1
Juan Manuel Iturbe
This little gem is SOOOO good. He plays from the RW and is Argentinian, which, means he is good for fitting into lots of teams. He’s so quick off the mark and when he’s running with the ball at his feet, he’s so hard to stop. We discovered him when he tore our defence to shreds in a game. We brought him in for only 1,300 coins and he’s now ruining other teams back lines for us! Pick him up now, even if you’re just going to bring him off the bench as an impact player.

Week 2
Kevin De Bruyne
De Bruyne was so overpowered on FUT last year and he’s right up there as one of the best CAM’s on the game again. You can pick him up for a very low price of around 3,000 coins. What you get for that is an athlete, a goal threat and a great passer of the ball. Can link him up for BPL teams with Benteke, Hazard, Fellaini, Mirallas and Kompany who are all great players too.

Week 3
James McCarthy
Our first bargain for BPL teams. McCarthy is a great holding midfielder. This is where the majority of his strengths lie, however, he will contribute with the odd assist and goal. Positionally, he is great. He reads the game so well and will intercept and break up opposition attacks time and time again. You can pick him up for as little as 400 coins which is, frankly, ridiculous for the value of player you’ll be getting.

Week 4
Ashley Williams
The Swansea captain is a really good investment to make. Whether he’s a starter because you don’t have many coins, or he is going to be a squad rotation player (for fitness for your main defenders), he won’t disappoint. He is strong, fairly quick across the ground and great in the air. All good attributes you want in a CB. Again, he’ll cost you just 300-400 coins with a basic chemistry style. An absolute BARGAIN!!

Week 5
Martin Caceres
The Uruguayan CB is a really, really good defender. He’s quick across the ground, agile, tall as well as strong. He can fit into any Serie A team although the only real downside, is fitting him into hybrids you’ll still get great value for money.

Week 6
Cheik Tiote
Another defensive minded player. Tiote chews up the ground and he’ll make numerous interceptions per game for you. He’s strong and, if you play to his strengths, keeping your passes short and simple, he’ll be a great addition to any BPL side. He can play in the CDM role as a 1 or as a 2, both work really well. Cheaper version of Yaya Toure without the attacking threat.

Week 7
The talented young Spaniard from our FUT 15 bargain players list is a must pick for you BBVA side. Play him in a narrow midfield and he’ll be the pivotal man to link up the play between your midfield and strikers. Play him in there with a CDM, in the 41212, perhaps, and he’s going to be able to supply the wide men too and help to create space through the central areas. He’s got great feet, exits skill moves superbly and has an eye for goal. Pick him up today.